The Chestnut Tree Confession

All things on this site which are purported to be factual are, in fact, invented by me. I do no fact-checking; I admit freely to bias, bigotry, and chauvinism; I wallow in obfuscation and dissemblance, and use them whenever possible; and I purposely embed fraudulent and/or dangerous information in what appear to be harmless dissertations on benign subjects.

All opinions expressed by me on this site are mine, and mine alone. My employer, customers, family, and acquaintances have nothing to do with it. If you want their opinion, you’ll have to ask them for it.

Third-Party Content

Comments, Trackbacks, or Pingbacks left on this site by visitors or third-party web sites are subject to editing or deletion, if they are considered (by me) to be offensive. I take no responsibility for any offense, harm, or boon which arises from third-party content.

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